Association Management & Trustee Services

We are a premium association management company with a good reputation and a long history of supporting key Industry and Professional associations in South Africa with their most important organisational needs. 


Our Services

Our management offerings provide a single national control centre for your association. Our strength lies in the integration of people, digital platforms, project management, as well as financial accounting and controls. 


Community Management

Associations are only as good as their community management facilities. We provide a full suite of community services and facilitation

Transactional Services

Transactional services are core to every association. We streamline the processes for invoicing, vendor packs, collecting debts and professional financial reporting. 

Trustees and Compliance

Finding and selecting appropriate trustees for your association’s financial and intellectual assets are no small responsibility/task. 

Case Studies - Avoiding the Associations Funding Trap

It is very common for associations to join the VdW&Co family when their funding is in distress, yet have a very healthy bank balance after a few years with us. Our reasonable cost and good community management practices are cashflow positive for our clients.  

Ready to find out more?

Selecting an operational model for your association is a tricky business. Volunteers will want to do it themselves, supply chain partners with ulterior motives will offer to assist. Hiring an office and filling it with staff is an interesting rabbit hole.  Consider using a professional management company.........