Community Management

A good association will have a certain buzz, with members and stakeholders constantly interacting, calling on each other, chatting on groups, meetings, workshops and conferences, on TV and in the media, all in pursuit of their common good.

We live in a time when the complexity of everything we do is increasing. We all know that. Associations offer solutions and influence over complexity and obstacles that can be precious if the community is well resourced and facilitated. 

Our integrated systems, wide scope of human resources, expertise, and long exposure to association dynamics are at the disposal of our clients 24/7. 

Conferences we facilitate are member conferences constructed to reflect the culture and traditions of the association. Digital events, conference and training events are well understood and again reflecting the values of the communities we serve, and none other. 

Our team of events and meeting managers can assist with conferences, workshops, webinars, chat groups, email list server services, notices, newsletters, press releases, advertisements, social media campaigns, and just about anything in-between. We also design, host and maintain association orientated websites and social media homes for our clients.