Trustees and 
Compliance Officers

The financial and intellectual assets of associations are constantly at risk. Every transaction you do, every strategy, every bit of personal information an association holds have value to someone.


But you also have other assets, for instance international travel opportunity that you may hold out to leaders, training partners, event venue bookings.... each of these offer some opportunity for a member or partner to take value out of the system. this is big in the association industry. Those "nice" sponsors will want more control over your events, more control over your industry, and may well have much much bigger aspirations for your association. 

At VdW& Co we have seen it all. Looking after the assets and opportunities of an association comes naturally.  It is what we do. 

VdW&Co do not accept finders fees or commissions on event venue or catering bookings, travel and accommodation arrangements, bank interest, or involve itself commercially in any client industry. This is our solemn promise. We represent our clients and their best financial interests without conflicts of interest of any nature.

Compliance with acts dealing with personal information, taxation, companies act, nonprofit organisations act, competition act, foreign exchange regulations are all part of what we do for a living and on behalf of our client associations. Most of these laws are applied differently for associations from what may be the case for companies. We know the differences.