Experienced professionals handling association administration and services.

Services Provided By VdW & Co.

Board Support:

Our association management officers will assist the board in building and enhancing the value of the association for its members, while also implementing the directives of the board with appropriate internal skills, resources, and systems, as well as external contractors and service providers. We also provide administrative support for board and subcommittee meetings. Client boards and officebearers are welcome to use our offices and boardrooms for official business of their associations.

Financial Accounting, Treasury, And Budgetary Control:

Qualified accountants will oversee the funding and accounting processes of the association to ensure compliance with the law, the association's own constitution, and membership and operational requirements. Annual audits will be facilitated by independent auditors appointed by VdW&Co, covering our trust accounts as well as related client financial records and annual reports.

Membership And Professional Records:

Our membership registry staff will manage membership records, including corporate records, vendor validations, and professional records requiring synchronization with the South African Qualifications Authority.

Branding, Communication, And Marketing:

We prioritize client branding, marketing, and effective communication in all our services. It is a core service that we take very seriously, using the natural abilities of associations to generate media coverage, advocacy, and general presence in their industry or professional field. We provide office-bearer friendly email list servers, member chat groups, websites, board portals, and social media coverage as needed. We utilize in-house and external design resources to ensure a professional look and feel for notices, publications, and web-based communication.

Conventions, Webinars, And Training Events:

Our event management team will assist the board in organizing and delivering annual conventions, general member meetings, and training courses on time, with full venue and catering support, at carefully managed costs, and with appropriate marketing. We manage contracts, payments, and related event risks, for venues and subcontractors, on behalf of the association.